Kurv i sjøgras, House Doctor fra Siloen gardsbutikk

Kurv i sjøgras, House Doctor

Tidløs kurv som kan brukast til det meste; frå oppbevaring til potteskjuler. Har ei kjekk hempe slik at den kan hengast opp på veggen eller på ein knagg.

This beautiful basket from House Doctor is an ideal storage solution for things you want to have close at hand. The basket is named Hang due to its nice, little handle that makes it possible to hang it on a hook. Use it in the bathroom for your products or use it for toilet paper close to the toilet. Hang is made of seagrass and has a beautiful, natural colour. The basket measures 16 cm in height and 18 cm in diameter.

79,00 kr

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H:16 cm D: 18